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As an adult, isn't one of the funnest things to do with your family to sit around and remember when you were a kid? I think so! I love chatting with my parents and siblings about the fun memories we all share. The dumb mistakes I made as a kid that my own kids are sure to make, and reflecting on my 'school career'.

I look forward to those days with my own kids -- but I'm not gonna lie, it's already hard for me to remember some things! So when I found AMK Design Shop, I knew that problem was solved. Allie designs the most beautiful thoughtful modern keepsake books for kids at all stages. From pregnancy journals & baby books to birthday & school years books, you'll have a hard copy of all your child's most precious milestones.

It's not only the beautiful covers that caught my attention, but also the incredibly thoughtful and inclusive design in these books. There is no mention of Mom or Dad, so it works for any family situation. There is a page for baptism, but the back has been left blank as a photo page, so if that doesn't apply to you, you can just rip it out. The prompts are so simple and easy to follow, you'll be able to fill this up with your most precious memories so easily!

Baby books are so wonderful to look back on, so I love that AMK Design shop has taken the next step and added these birthday books and school years books to her line. Personally my husband and I don't buy our children birthday gifts. They are really spoiled by friends and family, so instead we throw them great birthday parties. We consider it giving them the gift of having those memories with their friends and family. Using the birthday book to document those experiences feels so good! It truly feels like a gift we have given them for a lifetime.

With the school years books I love that you get a little time capsule of your child's personality throughout the years. Baby books document those oh so important and sweet milestones like first teeth and first steps, but with the school years books you really get to capture your child's own thoughts and opinions. Clearly my kids are still young, but any parent knows that time flies and it won't be long until I am able to look back through a fully completed school years book and (hopefully) laugh over the peaks and valleys that were trying to parent a preschooler to a preteen and hitting the success of high school graduation. I know I will be glad to have documented that incredible journey.

Time goes by so quickly. It won't take long until your children are asking you to recount these years with them.

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