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Edmonton Made

For a long time now I have made an effort to try to support local businesses. To be honest, many years ago I wouldn't have cared in the least or thought about it at all. Until I had a friend who insisted we go to all kinds of markets, and who would always be happy to support local artisans for their creativity and unique pieces. After spending that time with her, and meeting these people who had the most amazing spirit and commitment to what they did, I really started to see the benefits of shopping local.

Recently I found out about Edmonton Made. It's an incredible initiative that connects local entrepreneurs to the resources they need to be successful. They are a powerhouse when it comes to helping smaller businesses tell their stories and grow their audiences. I am honored to be included in their Business Directory. If you're not a local entrepreneur or maker, but still want to learn about ways you can grow the unique Edmonton economy, click here.

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