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Elizabeth Lyn Vendor Profile

In my own wardrobe, I tend to stick to basics and solids. I know that’s pretty boring for some people, but usually that’s what I wear on a daily basis. Where I really make my statement about my personality or get on board with trends, is with my accessories. I never go a day without accessorizing my outfit. Even if I am in leisure wear with no makeup and a topknot, I will definitely be wearing at least a pair of studs.

When I first found Elizabeth Lyn jewelry, I loved it immediately. There is a really dainty feminine quality to her pieces, but they also read as bold and strong. Personally, I really connect to my astrological sign, so whenever I see anything about Geminis my eyes turn into hearts. I immediately fell in love with her zodiac coin necklaces. They’re so timeless but also have that personal and meaningful touch. Plus the way she layers the zodiac necklaces with other pieces from her collection had me drooling!


Another piece that caught my eye was the traveler’s necklace. Similar in style to the zodiac coin, this pendant carries St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers. Known for keeping travelers safe on their journey. Whether that be a daily commute to work, or a trip halfway around the world, he’s there to have your back!

Regardless of which pieces you choose from this collection, you'll have a meaningful keepsake that tells a story. Which ones are your favorite?

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