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When it comes to the beach, it's not just a relaxing time for moms. Sure you get to sit in the sun and listen to the waves roll in as your little ones play in the sand but, there's always that underlying anxiety. Are they wearing enough sunscreen? Are they safe in this water? Are they hydrated enough? The list goes on.



Honeysuckle Swim Company completely removes the stress of the sun protection dilemma while still keeping your babe looking cute and stylish on the beach! They protect your infant or toddler from the sun's harsh rays by using UPF 50+ fabric that's stretchy and fast drying. You'll get peace of mind with the full coverage design. Plus the inseam zipper makes them functional and easy to get on and off even when wet. Hassle free is a must for busy parents.



Everyone loves to head to the beach in the summer, or turn the sprinkler on in the backyard during a long hot day. If you're lucky maybe even a vacation to somewhere tropical! Now you can feel confident that your baby or toddler will be protected from the sun no matter where you are enjoying it, without sacrificing any cuteness with these prints!


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