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As a 'boy-boy-girl mom' I was so excited to finally be able to enter the world of baby girl accessories when my third baby was on her way. I must have bought easily 20 bows before she was even born. I have no regrets about that either because she wore every single one of them and I still have all of them (plus more) that I still clip into her little toddler pigtails.

When I saw these Knotty Tot headwraps, I just knew I had to get one for her! When it arrived I was really impressed with the quality and how stretchy and a comfortable it is for her. It's so stretchy that it even fits on my head comfortably. I love how easy it is to slip on. Zero tying for mom or dad, it just slides on top of her head like a hat. She even feels so cute in it. She is such a sassy and confident little girl, I absolutely love when she puts on outfits that she gets excited about.

Betty from Knotty Tot is also the sweetest woman, and has such great taste. The colours she chooses season after season are always a hit. The quality is so great, and she truly stands behind everything she makes. What's your favorite accessory for your babe?

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