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Lunah Life Vendor Profile

wish you could smell the Lunah Life products through your screen. I'm sure you have no trouble imagining how incredible they are from the stunning product photography. There's something incredibly charming and luxurious about this line. It is so zen and relaxing and just oozes self care. If you need an at home spa treatment night, these will quickly become your go to products. The exfoliating sponge is not only beautiful to hang in your shower, but it will leave your skin feeling refreshed.


The therapeutic shower steams are perfect for those people out there who aren't big bath fans, but who want the effects of a bath bomb. The smell is so incredible I have considered using one in my car for an air freshener! They are also super helpful at helping you to breathe better during cold and flu season. 

One of my other must haves from this product line are the stainless steel straws. I am all for the less plastic, no straws movement but when I'm at a restaurant and I've chosen to wear lipstick that night, I just want a straw!!! So I actually keep one of these in my purse for use in public. Just remember to throw it back in your bag when you leave! 

The real hero in this line though has to be the facial rollers. If you're into all things skin care (and if you're 25+ you definitely should be) you have seen these amazing beauty tools on your Instagram feed. I am just starting to dive into the world of crystals, and while I can appreciate that some people think that is kooky, I am loving the effects! Regardless of whether or not you believe in the powers of crystal healing, there's no denying the positive and relaxing effects the massaging action will have on your skin. If you're trying to slow the aging process, this will help! 

If you have any questions about the product line or have any requests of items you'd like to see in the shop, please get in touch!

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