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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

What does the mom in your life really want for Mother’s Day? I’m willing to bet she’s already told you, even if she doesn’t realize it. Just think back on the conversations you’ve had with this woman or these women in the past few weeks and try to remember when she said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” or “I wish we had…” and I bet you’ll find an amazing and Mother’s Day gift idea somewhere in those conversations.

If you rack your brain and nothing comes to mind, here are some other ideas (and no, this isn't just a list of products from my shop!)

An Experience:

My mom is currently visiting us from out of town, which means this is the first Mother's Day I will have spent with her in 15 years! So I am very excited to be taking a few hours out to do something special with her. We got tickets to an Inspire.YEG Workshop and will be learning how to paint watercolour roses with @byelladoo

You could also do a Private Family Painting Session at the most wonderful local art studio, Creation Space. My daughter has been doing her art play classes for some time, and Alie (owner) is truly the warmest sweetest human being I've ever had the pleasure of being around. All are welcome to explore and create in this gorgeous Whyte Ave studio.
If workshops aren't your thing, I would suggest searching for upcoming events at local venues via Ticketmaster or by visiting venue websites such as The Jube, The Winspear or The Citadel. Even if the event isn't Mother's Day weekend I am sure most moms will be happy for a day or night out to look forward to in the coming weeks or months.

The Gift of Memories Captured:
If there's one thing all moms love, it's photos of their family at any stage. This one is great if you're an adult with your own family but still want to gift something really special to your mom. You can involve grandparents in the photos, or you can just do a solo mom + child(ren) shoot too. Age is no limit for this one! I'm in my thirties and I would love a photo with my mom. It's something on my to-do list and I know I would cherish it for a lifetime.

If you've got siblings to split this with, it can be a cost effective option. If not, try to find a photographer who is offering mini sessions. They usually run in the $100 - $150 range. Two of my favorite photographers for these types of photos are Karly Ford Photo (who snapped this photo of my family and I above) & Lana Palmer Photography.

The Simple Gesture:

This one is for the practical gift givers. If you've got a minimalist mom on your hands, or if you just don't feel the need to give someone a gift that doesn't have a purpose here is your answer. These Swedish sponge cloths and tea towels are remarkable eco conscious products that have a low environmental impact, but also make for a stunning presentation.

Use the tea towels to wrap around a cook book, or a bouquet of flowers. If you're more of a chef type, wrap a sponge cloth around a bottle of cooking oil or wine. Regardless of what you choose, it will leave the mom in your life appreciating the extra special touch to a relatively simple gift.

The Time Out:

This gift I find special for the moms who are still in the thick of it all. Babies, toddlers, young kids at home, dealing with those stereotypical teen problems, etc. etc. This is for them! These women could all use a break. It really doesn't even matter where you send them, but tell them you've got this and send them on their way. However, it is really nice when you do plan something because sometimes as moms (and dads) when we get that free time, we are at a loss as to how to spend it and can end up feeling like we have totally wasted it! So here are some suggestions:

Spa Day -- you can't go wrong with a massage, manicure, pedicure or facial

Brunch -- message a couple of her friends or her sister, etc, and make a reservation for them at a great brunch spot. Some of my favorites are Pip, Under the High Wheel, and Canteen.

Cleaning Service -- if you're looking to really hit the holy grail of giving mom a break, a cleaning service is where it's at! BUT DO NOT simply tell her to find a cleaner and book it, nope! That's your job! You need to take on that mental load of searching for a cleaner who offers a good package for a decent price, but still has a trustworthy feel and good reviews, clients you can chat with briefly about their experiences, etc. Remove the task of having to do the research -- because that is truly the worst part about hiring a cleaning service.

If all else fails, and these don't appeal to you or are not in your budget, you can try these easy sure to please gifts: jewelry, skin care, a card thoughtfully filled out with all the reasons you love the mom in your life and why you think she's crushing the mom game.

At the end of it all, Mother's Day is simple. Moms just want to be appreciated. Don't stress, you got this!

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