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When I first learned of OneBerrie towels my initial reaction was, "Wow! What a great idea... Why couldn't I have known about this when my kids were babies?"

The design is so smart! You simply attach the towel around your neck, leaving both hands free to safely remove baby from the bath. When you’re ready to get baby dressed, they’ll still be fully covered when you lay them down. No post bath cold air discomfort! Genius!

You will definitely be wowed by the design, but the quality is second to none. Thoughtfully made to last, these towels make the perfect baby shower gift. Now that I've been a mom for a few years, I love to give practical but luxurious gifts like these ones to new moms. It's not just a towel, it's a lifeline! I bet you it will make the "favorite baby shower gift" list of many new mamas. Especially since the size allows it to grow with baby for years.

Not just towels, you can gift matching swaddles, wash cloths and Bare.Baba cream to make the perfect bath time set for baby. What prints would you love to receive?

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