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Are anyone else's children obsessed with unboxing videos on YouTube? I will never understand it, but when my boys were young they could have watched those videos all day long. Kinder surprise egg ones, PlayDoh ones, toy ones, you name it. That's what initially drew my attention to Sweet As Candy bath products.

If you love colour and whimsy and fun, these are definitely the products for you. My boys are a little older now, but I know they would have freaked out about these dino surprise bath bombs when they were younger. Once my daughter stops trying to eat Playdoh, we'll be using the unicorn surprise bath bombs for sure! 

Another one of the awesome products in this line is the edible lip scrub. The smells are incredible. Kate perfected it when she named the grape flavour "nostalgic grape". As soon as the scent hits you, I bet you'll be taken back to childhood instantly. Same goes for orange creamsicle and romantic raspberry. Not to mention, they truly taste like candy, so a fun way to get rid of that dry dead skin on the lips your kids are probably picking at as you read this lol. 

The products are so fun for kids, and really even for adults if you're into bubble baths. They smell incredible, super fruity and fresh. Plus the presentation is so cute that your kids will be excited as soon as they see it. The magic bubble dust creates so many bubbles (be sure to agitate the water for best results) it makes bath time a total blast. Added bonus, they get a magical dinosaur or mermaid toy as well! 

Do you have kiddos who love the bath or hate it? Either way, these products are sure to take bath time in your house to the next level.

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