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The Zero Waste Hostess Gift

Thankfully in recent years, wasting less has become a priority for many households. So what do you do when you're invited to someone's home and you want to bring a hostess gift? 

Ten + Co. has you covered with their eco friendly sponge cloths and tea towels. Christen, the designer behind these gorgeous products, has so many creative ways on how to gift these without sacrificing style.

The Bottle Wrap

You can wrap a tea towel around any recyclable glass bottle you can find. Alcohol is an obvious choice, but if you're going to the home of any non-drinkers, a nice bottle of cooking oil is also a great option!

The Stack

If it's not in the budget to get a bottle, just skip it! You can stack a tea towel + a sponge cloth and tie them together with a ribbon. Instead of being tossed in the trash, the ribbon can be reused for another gift in the future.

The Cookbook

Really you can wrap a tea towel around any of your favorite books, but a cookbook stays on theme. It would also still make sense if you wrapped it around a home decor book, because these thoughtfully designed prints add something special to any kitchen space!

The Flower Lover

Who doesn't love getting flowers? You could pick a wild bunch, or pick up a bouquet from your favorite florist. Either way you'll make a sunning statement by adding a tea towel as the finishing touch.

The Budget Friendly Sponge Cloth

If a great bottle of wine or EVOO is your regular go-to but you want to add a little something extra, the sponge cloth is the answer. At only $6 a piece these biodegradable cloths are a winner for any price range. Simply tie them around the bottle with a ribbon that can be reused in the future.

So many beautiful simple ideas that won't have a harsh impact on the environment or your wallet. Do you typically bring hostess gifts when being entertained in someone's home or do you think of it as an outdated ritual? Let me know in the comments below!

Photos by Ten + Co

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