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YEG Women Owned Businesses by Linda Hoang

If you're from Edmonton have you ever noticed how many incredible women are killing the game in this city of ours?! At the beginning of the month in celebration of International Women's Day, local food expert Linda Hoang compiled a list of local  women owned and co-owned businesses. The list is huge! I am impressed and inspired by many of these awesome women. Even though I am just starting out, I was so touched to be included.

Even though #yolkporn makes me want to puke, Linda is still one of my favorite IG accounts to follow. If you ever need restaurant suggestions or want to find Edmonton's most Instagrammable walls, be sure to check her out! She also does a fun monthly podcast that has lots of insights on social media and how you can use it to grow your business!

You can see her list of local women owned businesses here.

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